Handmade Hero Notes is a book which should be read as a series of notes and transcripts documenting in detail each “Day” of Handmade Hero series. It's aimed at a large audience with little to none prior programming knowledge required.

The reasons for this work should be self-explanatory. Not everyone can invest their attention in a video in the same way as in a written text. Sometimes if you're following along, you might miss a crucial edit that completely breaks your code. Additionally, in the book we will be avoiding the offtopic breaks allowing you to focus on the core. The linear trial-and-error way that makes Handmade Hero so unique will be preserved however, as well as the blackboard drawings, references, etc.

The main reason however was to create an additional resource, aside from Handmade Hero itself and Handmade Network, that I so desperately needed when I was getting started myself. Hopefully it will help you, dear reader, on your Handmade Hero journey.

The objective is to release a chapter (day) per week.